The whole Nibiru (Planet X) end of the world conspiracy at first sounded like something Captain Kirk would announce over the Starship Enterprise intercom. Then the discovery, sometime last month, of an actual ‘fresher’ coming into the Solar System dorm-room sparked gossip – especially if the newbie is the size of Jupiter, identifies as a hot ball of gas 986-degrees large, is 600 light years from Earth, and spins around a red M-dwarf star (according to Fox News). NGTS-1b made the possibility of a Nibiru-ish planet seem highly likely, and all The End-of-days hoopla that the planet supposedly heralds.

The name David Meade (a research scientist and Christian conspiracy theorist) has become a banner in its own right, especially since his failed prediction that the world was going to perform a death scene on September 23 worthy of Shakespeare. The bard was left hanging when the end-times failed to come and the world carried on, lips a-trembling. After having returned to his 'labs,' Meade ‘corrected’ his earlier inference and reiterated that his scholarly forays into biblical lore have led him to understand that October 15 (as highlighted in The Sun News) could be lights-out for all of us.

What’s going on?

Seeing as how we are all still here on social media, and how our bodies are in various states of disarray but nevertheless, in one piece, it is safe to assume that the numbers must have gone wrong somewhere.

But be not surprised, fair brethren, when you learn that the ‘new’ Ragnarok or end of days is scheduled for November 19 (according to the National Post; Oct 28), and it’s at the end of a weekend – you could probably disintegrate while working at your boring office job.

Where’s all this coming from?

The foundation for this apocalyptic belief comes from the Bible; where the proverbial rain falls on the good and bad alike.

If Newsweek's doomsday article published on Oct 30 is anything to go by, and in light of recent natural disasters all over the world, you are looking at hurricanes, earthquakes, coastal floods, and nuclear attacks, probably followed by the much-awaited Christian Rapture. This end of days ‘event’ seems to have become a major focus for most of us who are otherwise chasing our dreams while also being aggressively harassed by the long arm of debt.

The whole thing started when the sun kissed the moon on August 21, and the world was curiosity-stricken about yet another solar eclipse. Meade is on record stating that this portends a series of unfortunate events for Earth and its denizens, as mentioned in the Bible, amounting to seven years of trials and tribulations. A bit of ‘scholarly’ matchmaking led to the understanding that Planet X (aka Wormwood; creepy much) was going to ram into Earth, or rather influence events on Earth tantamount to nuclear war among nations like Britain, North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and the United States; according to The Sun News. With Donald Trump in the Big-Boy's chair, this is not too far-fetched a possibility.

Should we panic?

The British slogan ‘Keep calm and carry on’ seems ideal for such times. Be that as it may, the upcoming November 19 date could still prove rather interesting. This latest in a long line of celestial predictions that goes back to the eleventh century (as mentioned in The Sun News) didn’t come from an internet-ually disgraced David Meade but from various tabloids and not a small amount of researchers who have dutifully picked up the flag in the middle of this theoretical warzone.

People like Terral Croft (leader of the Project Black Star Investigation and propounder of the ‘quake-pocalypse theory’) posits that the world is going to experience an earthquake event on the 19th due to Nibiru (quite the stalker, this one) making its rounds in the Solar System; according to the National Post.

National Geographic, on the other hand, ran an independent story on Oct 11 that the super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park might be showing signs of possible eruption sooner than researchers had previously estimated – the last time it let loose was 630,000 years ago. This time around, it could inspire an extinction event (extrapolating from a Business Insider article written by Lydia Ramsey; June 25).

Moving on

To know that Luke the Apostle started all of this... Passage 21: 25 to 26: “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

Judging by the Predictive-Inferential-Conspiratorial-Disappointing track record for the end of the world So Far, we can only assume the best.

That said, keep calm and carry on, this too shall pass – unless the 7-year tribulation takes place, in which case this too shall pass excruciatingly slowly. If not for the irony of the words, I would have said, "Save the date."