The capture of the suspect who committed the murder of eight persons on the bike-path in lower Manhattan was a rare occasion. These terrorists are seldom caught alive. They are either killed by the police or commit suicide by blowing themselves up.

The New York City police did a commendable job by taking the suspect alive since it provided an opportunity to them to go into the mind of a terror attack suspect to find out what makes him tick. He was inspired by ISIS and drove a rented truck into unsuspecting people to mow them down.

Initial investigations have revealed that he planned to go on a killing spree across Brooklyn Bridge, and intended to kill many more people.

He chose Halloween when the streets would be crowded, and the death count would rise.

The suspect was inspired by ISIS

Sky News reports that the 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan admitted that the terror attack he carried out in Manhattan was inspired by Islamic State videos. He had no regrets about his actions and wanted permission to display an ISIS flag next to his hospital bed. He has been charged with the killing of eight people, and for extending support to the Terrorist group.

The sequence of events indicate that he had begun to plan for the attack one year ago, and took the decision to use a truck about two months back. He wanted to inflict maximum damage to civilians.

This was the worst terror attack in New York City since 9/11, and the dead included five people who were from a group of Argentineans.

They were in a celebratory mood because it was the 30th-anniversary of their high school graduation, but they fell victims to the attack. The remaining two were Americans and a Belgian woman.

Reaction of President Trump

US President Donald Trump wanted to introduce different types of checks to ensure that unwanted elements are prevented from entering America.

In this case, the suspect was already in the country and carried out the terror attack in Manhattan.

The president says the suspect was the main contact point for other terrorists and must be sent to Guantanamo Bay. He also indicated that he wants to dismantle and redesign the immigrant visa program. The suspect had taken advantage of such a visa to enter America in 2010.

Donald Trump wants to make America safe for Americans. The US has introduced travel bans for people of some specific countries because of their possible terror links with ISIS or its outfits. It has also introduced strict pre-flight security measures for all incoming passengers. However, if the terrorist happens to be already present in the country, it would mean evolving new strategies.