The terror attack in a mosque in a North Sinai province of Egypt has shaken the world. ISIS is suspected to be behind the attack, and President Donald Trump is worried. He wants to get the Mexico border wall built on priority to prevent any similar attack on the United States. He also wants an implementation of the travel ban to ensure that terrorists do not enter America.

It seems the attackers blocked all the exits and shot dead the fleeing worshippers. According to New Zealand Herald, the initial death toll is estimated to be 235 which could increase once additional details are known.

The attack, termed as the worst in Egypt in recent times, has left another more than 100 injured.

It was a planned attack

There are various versions of the terror attack and, it is evident that the suspected ISIS militants had planned the operation in advance. The incident took place during Friday morning prayers in a mosque located in the North Sinai province of Egypt. The attackers blocked all the exits by using burnt-out vehicles. They blew up the cars and left the burning wrecks on the roads to obstruct movement. Subsequently, they detonated a bomb in the crèche and opened fire on worshippers who tried to escape from the scene.

Egypt's military has begun conducting air strikes in the mountainous regions around the Al Rawdah mosque.

It's possible that the militants could be hiding in the mountains.

The world must rise as one

President Donald Trump has condemned the mass murder of innocent worshippers in a mosque in Egypt and said that terrorism is something that cannot be tolerated. British Prime Minister Theresa May has labeled the terror attack as not only evil but also a cowardly act.

Egypt has declared a three-day mourning in memory of those killed in the attack, and President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has convened a high-level meeting of security officials. An attack of this magnitude by suspected ISIS militants is a matter of concern for his administration. As a precautionary measure, security at the Cairo International Airport has been strengthened.

In order to check terrorism, there must be a global realization and unity of thought. Suitable measures must be introduced to prevent entry of unwanted elements into the country. The United States has taken certain steps in that direction by introducing new concepts to ensure that those who plan to enter America are not threats. However, homegrown lone-wolf situations will remain. Therefore, the security apparatus must evolve proper strategies to locate them in time and preempt attacks.