According to breaking news in The Guardian, a terrorist group attacked a mosque with bombs and guns in Bir al-Abed in Arish City. Terrorists killed many people in the attack and many were wounded.

The Guardian reports that militants came in four off-road vehicles and bombed the mosque. After that, they started to fire bullets at the people. Currently, Egyptian security forces are dealing with them in north Sinai.

Additionally, the militants mostly targeted security forces in their attack and didn’t hesitate to take down some pilgrims. There’s a war already going on in Egypt between their security forces and the Islamic State.

People quickly reacted after the attack by taking casualties to the nearest hospital. An exact number of casualties is not yet clear as different news outlets are claiming different figures. Speaking to Masriya TV station, Egyptian Health Ministry spokesman Khalid Mujahid described the incident as a "Terrorist Attack."

No one has claimed the attack yet

It’s still uncertain who is behind this brutal attack, but the Guardian claims that the Islamic State is responsible. However, none of the terrorist groups have come forward claiming the attack.

The Egyptian security forces have been battling with the ISIS group for last three years and this might be the reason why the terrorists focused more on killing the security personnel.

Many terrorist groups escaped to Egyptian borders after Syrian forces reclaimed their terrorist occupied states.

President of Egypt, Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, is meeting with the higher authorities of security forces.He also declared three days of national mourning.

Tragedy after many years

Although Egyptian security forces have been taking on ISIS groups since 2013 and many soldiers have been killed since, but this attack is the deadliest attack in Egypt.

Militants blocked the escape routes by burning vehicles and then started to fire on pilgrims.

Accepting the orders of the President, Egyptians will mourn for next three days in memory of people who were killed in this attack. According to Firstpost, the military has launched security campaigns in the area and have arrested suspects and demolished houses that belonged to the terrorists, including those facilitating tunnels leading to the Gaza Strip.

Recently, Egyptians celebrated their FIFA World Cup qualification. After 18 years, their soccer team qualified for the World Cup which will be played in Russia next year.