Election Day arrived in New York City this morning to brisk, mild weather and the usual early morning crowds going anywhere but to the polls. I wore my righteous "I Voted" sticker on my jacket as I walked back toward home but I wondered if my vote meant much. There was a Hidden Danger on the ballot. It happens to be everywhere in the country. It is a seemingly innocent election day opportunity -- one of those wordy initiatives at the end of the ballot.

New York City voters were asked to say yes or no to having a state convention to make fundamental decisions about our future.

But there is a concealed reality underlying this ballot initiative, A convention should be a feast of democracy. But in New York City and throughout the country, we are being asked to approve a massive and long term defeat for democracy.

New York City hoodwinked?

Residents of New York City rarely get excited about elections unless they are for a president. Today, few folk were entering the polling place in my midtown neighborhood. There were many more walking to their destinations or tending to chores around their shops and wholesale outlets. It was a bright sunny morning. But there was evil afoot. Danger lurked at the ballot box.

The New York Times is very good at ferreting out the dangers that hide in seemingly-innocent texts.

You can see the entire perfidy involved in today's constitutional initiative by reading the following editorial.

Voters are penalized

On the surface, a once in a generation chance to renew our democracy is a great idea.

New York City residents are slaves to Albany, the state capitol. The Times says the constitution is a bloated relic. A yes to this ballot will only make the subversion of democracy more possible than ever.

The Koch Federalist Society Juggernaut

If you think we do not have a deep state, think again. It is deep and known at the same time.

It is the coalescence of the right wing GOP, the Federalist Society, and the military-industrial, mega-corporate interests that feel they know what is best for the rest of us. These are the people who applaud the SCOTUS Citizens United decision, which says corporations are people.

Voting no

New York City is a Democratic stronghold, but today's constitutional initiative, if passed, will ensure that Citizen's United anonymous money will flood the constitutional convention and perpetuate the fierce gerrymandering that has ensured that Republicans have a free and corrupt hand in Albany. Voting no is the best option for New York City on this otherwise sunny election day.