Welcome to "For The Record" Here readers are privy to reviews and other info on some of the newest music acts. This edition we present the upcoming audio-visual offering by Jay Gudda.

Hip Hop artist Jay Gudda drops a new single

Who is Jay Gudda? Jay Gudda is an up-and-coming American rapper and Hip Hop Artist from Peabody, Massachusetts. His signature sound is a blend of rap and hip-hop.

He began his career in 2015. His resume now features multiple guest appearances, dozens of songs, a number of music videos, and a pair of mixtapes, "Heart Shaped Box" and "The Waiting Room.


In an exclusive e-interview, Gudda said he has since performed at a number of different “venues in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania].” Additionally, he was “part of an East Coast tour in 2016, which ran from Niagra Falls down to Virginia Beach.”

He has also performed at such locations as the Jewel Nightclub, Blackthorn 51, The Rotunda, Voltage, Evening Star, Stanhope House, Webster Underground, Amityville Music Hall, the Hard Times Cafe, the California Brewhouse, and the Middle East. His newest single is an original piece titled, Fresh Bait.”

“Fresh Bait” may initially foster generalized, surface comparisons to Eminem. The fact is Gudda’s song and accompanying music video offer a slightly more personal presentation.

Complete with strap-on, old film effects, and the musical metaphor, the video strives to garner the viewer’s attention and draw them into Gudda’s personal concerns and intimate issues.

Shooting the video and writing the song may have been a cathartic experience. Ah, but what does it actually mean? Gudda was happy to share:

Fresh Bait is a song that derived from an angry, bitter, and depressing period in my career and life.

The song reflects exactly what I was feeling mentally and emotionally at that time, ranging from relationships to industry competition. One meaning behind this song is that the fresh bait is actually me. I am the new, threatening, and hungry rapper to enter this industry, at your neck per se. I am egging the competition to compete, and I am encouraging the opposition to oppose.

That leads to the second meaning of this song, which is that these the people, things, and stories that I rap about are actually fresh bait for me. These rappers, events/occurrences, and inner thoughts are exactly what fuel my hunger to succeed.”

He reports that the song, “Fresh Bait, was originally supposed to be the premiere single off his next EP or mixtape, a project he spent most of this and last year recording. More recently he said, “I decided to re-start my recording process for that project, in hopes that it will be even better/bigger than I had initially planned.”

What's next?

What’s next then for Jay Gudda? According to Gudda, “As of right now, I am subtly teasing the title of that project as XXXX.

I will be revealing the hidden title during the roll-out period of the project” that, he said, will drop late next year or perhaps, “early 2019.”

He noted that during the actual re-recording process for this tentatively-titled “XXXX” album, he “will be releasing a slew of songs” originally intended to be independent singles. Similar to "Fresh Bait," they will be preceded by a planned roll-out accompanied by a music video. This will hopefully satisfy [current] fans, attract new fans, and create a bigger want/need for the XXXX project.” For The Record, Gudda concluded: “I am also planning to attend SXSW in March, be a part of another East Coast tour, and establish myself as the next artist to watch during 2018.” (See the video below.)