memes are acceptable when they are disparaging Mondays or harmless relationship stereotypes, but far too often these days, memes are used to make ludicrous political points, and it needs to stop. The idea that a complex political issue can be boiled down to one or two sentences is the reason we are so misinformed as a country. One phrase written on a picture of Morpheus from "The Matrix" is not enough information to settle the gun Debate, or immigration, or any other argument that has been raging in America for decades.

Memes make us lazy. People find one that fits their particular worldview, and that is all the more research they need to do on the subject.

They don’t need to hear any other side of the argument. Memes don’t start discussions, they end them, and that is not the way to move forward as a society.

Memes divide us

Another problem with memes is that far too often they instigate arguments that don’t need to happen, further dividing our already split nation. Take the above meme for example. This meme has shown up in multiple social media feeds of mine on numerous occasions, and it is the embodiment of everything currently wrong with America.

For starters, this meme is incredibly insulting to our present military. There are currently 1.3 million Americans currently serving in the military with a third stationed overseas. Young Americans have been fighting in all but forgotten wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for 15 years now.

If those 18-21-year-olds need a safe space, it is because they are being fired on by Taliban or Isis forces. I would argue that these soldiers are just as brave as the soldiers in 1944, and in many cases more so as the current army is 100 percent volunteer.

Secondly, not all men in 1944 were as courageous as this meme would lead us to believe.

During World War Two, the army had a significant problem with desertion. Some estimates suggest around 50,000 U.S. soldiers deserted their post. And that was just in the European theatre. The point is, bravery is not exclusive to one generation, and neither is cowardice.

Every era has pros and cons

Each generation loves to praise the older generation and vilify the younger generation, and it is not only pointless but largely misleading.

No matter which era being discussed, you can always point to flaws and highlights of those who lived during that time. The soldiers storming the beaches at Normandy were beyond heroic and worthy of our admiration. But let’s not forget that that is the same generation that overwhelmingly believed minorities and women to be second-class citizens. And yes, there are currently some members of our youth who are oversensitive and perhaps not as rugged as some would like. But it is also the most accepting generation the world has ever seen, and they will go to battle for those who have been belittled and marginalized throughout history. That kind of nobility should be lauded, not criticized.

Why must we continue finding new ways to be divided as a country?

Is there not enough hatred being hurled around on the internet without starting an intergenerational battle? That is why memes such as this are so destructive, they thrive on negativity and force us to choose a side. Worst of all, memes make us assume we have the answers thus preventing us from discovering the real truth.