Most football fans across the globe can agree that the New York Giants have become a disappointment this football season. Although most fans will blame the team’s short-comings for lack of talent, there are stats to show that the Giants are experiencing a sort rebuilding period. As the league continues to change, so do the teams. While college football fans continue to love the outstanding play of the Oklahoma Sooner’s senior quarterback Baker Mayfield, is it time for the New York Giants to make permanent long-term decisions for their franchise?

Baking up a future

The Oklahoma Sooners are experiencing a phenomenal college season. As they continue to chase their goal of playing in a national championship, they continue to follow the lead of their starting quarterback. Baker Mayfield has caught the eye of many NFL scouts and spectators throughout the course of the college football season. His 3,226 yards passing along with his 28 touchdown passes have made Mayfield a Heisman candidate. Currently, the New York Giants have the third-worst record in the National Football League. Since the NFL draft's order is ranked from least-performing team to greatest, there is a high probability that the New York Giants will have a high pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

Some may say the New York Giants defense hasn't been doing their jobs well either. In fact, the New York defense is almost equivalent to a joke as they rank in the bottom half of the NFL in points allowed and yards per game.

With a chance to reinvent their offense with young talent for the second year in a row, why wouldn’t the Giants restore youth at their quarterback positions?

What have you done for me lately?

Tenure matters in the NFL just like it should matter in the everyday workforce. Eli Manning has been trying to produce as much as he can on the field without the help of his favorite target Odell Beckham Jr. This season Eli Manning has recorded 1,820 yards passing while also throwing 12 touchdown passes.

His passer rating of 85.4 is the 34th best in the National Football League so far this season. During the previous off-season, the Giants made it apparent that they wanted to build one of the league’s most explosive again. Sterling Sheppard and Odell Beckham are weapons for any quarterback who has the opportunity to throw them the ball. While some analyst says that Eli Manning is coming towards the end of his career, the Giants will try to restore the faith of their fans.