There you are sitting in the Coffee Shop and Mr. or Mrs. Right is overloading you with signals. First of all, they keep looking at you but you think nothing of it. If someone looks at you once, it doesn't necessarily mean they're in love with you. We are all curious by nature, and most of us will scan a face in the crowd. However, if someone is looking repeatedly in your direction then it's time to put your latte down and introduce yourself. Also look for people pointing their bodies in your direction, and this includes their feet. Preening is another indicator.

If someone keeps putting their hair in place or adjusting their clothes when talking to you, it could be that they are trying to get your attention.

You give blank stares

If you do notice someone looking at you, or if someone catches your eye then avoid blank stares. By this we mean when someone catches you looking at them or vice versa. Think about how you would feel if someone scary was giving you a blank stare. You'd assume they were some kind of serial killer or mugger. Instead, give that person a smile and nod your head to acknowledge them. If you get a smile back, you should walk over and introduce yourself to that person.

You keep going to the wrong places

Two friends of mine kept taking me to a large loud nightclub which was darker than a dungeon.

I didn't feel comfortable at all in that place, and it probably showed on my face and in my body language. I'm not suggesting you dump your friends, but if you feel some venues are not for you - then have your own plan too. Try venturing off to somewhere different, or that's more to your liking. In Manchester, there's a small cozy jazz club that's known for people connecting.

The same applies to vacations, not many people I know like exotic destinations but I do. By traveling solo, I've been happier in the places I've visited and made more friends. In one country two years ago, I met a friend who's become very special indeed.

You don't do your own thing

Exploit your own passion. What do we mean by that?

It means pouring yourself into a hobby or another activity that you love to do. I would suggest something social such as a sport or a voluntary group. When you invest your time in doing something that you love, you become more attractive and a magnet for romantic possibilities because you look more confident. Ask your friends, and you might find they met their boyfriend or girlfriend this way.

You don't allow people to meet you

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? However, think about yourself in the coffee shop with your eyes glued to a laptop or a smartphone. Do you think you look approachable? I have to be honest and tell you that you don't. You'll look busy and wrapped up in what you're doing, this looks like a do not disturb sign to everyone around you. Next time, put your phone away and sip your coffee while looking around. You're more likely to meet a dating partner if you look open to being spoken to.