The Warriors have fallen into comparing themselves to Michael Jordan. They have said that they want to be like the Bulls of the 90s, but that is not really possible. The two eras do not match up, and that is why we need to just let them be as good as they are. The Bulls were amazing, and the Lakers of the 80s were amazing, and the Celtics of the 60s and 70s were amazing, and the George Mikan Lakers of 50s were amazing. I only come out and say that Bill Russell is the best ever because he could guard Wilt Chamberlain who is probably the best scorer ever.

But, comparing to Michael Jordan in the salary cap era makes no sense.

Scottie would have gotten paid

Scottie Pippen would have gotten paid by someone at some point if he played in this era. To be fair, James Worthy would have also been paid well by another team. These guys would have had to figure out how they could make it easier to market and make money from their own brand. So, we cannot sit here and say that the Bulls of the 90s were so great and The Warriors need to live up to that. There is much more money to go around right now, and that impacts how teams can be built.

The Bulls got more calls

If you think about it, the Warriors are not getting all the calls. They get some of the calls, but LeBron James gets all the calls in this era, and he has only won three titles in eight appearances.

So, he has one of the worst records possible in the finals, but he gets all the favoritism from the officials. The Bulls got all the calls in the 90s, and that helped them take a slightly easier path to six titles. They also had Phil Jackson, and that made a difference because no one else in the league was as good as him after Chuck Daly retired.

There are a lot of good coaches in the NBA today. Erik Spoelstra in Miami is a genius. Gregg Popovich is like a demigod, and the coaching trees have produced more prepared guys.

Can the Warriors stay together?

It would be very hard for the Warriors to stay together forever just because of money and temptation. You cannot blame someone for getting paid as much as possible, and Klay Thompson might be the first to go if he thinks the Warriors have done all they can do.

I will never blame a player for getting paid, and I will never blame them for thinking about lifelong wealth. However, the Warriors might have won as many titles as they could win at the point at which other players might want to get paid. That means that the Warriors are going to have a window in which to compete, and they will be the team of their generation.