The exact reason to why singer Monica Brown had turned down a role on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has just been revealed. Reportedly years ago, Andy Cohen who is the main man behind "The Real Housewives" franchise had asked her to join the cast of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta." However, she has only recently revealed the main reason to why she didn't join the cast. Now, I have to say that I personally believe that she made a great decision to not star in the show. As currently, that show is in casting chaos after head executives fired Phaedra Parks.

We all also know that starring in your own reality television show can make you and your entire brand look quite trashy.

The reason why Monica Brown turned down the role

In a recent interview with "People," Brown stated that “I would only join a show that I could also be executive producer of because what my children see me do is important to me." As you can see from Brown’s statement the main concern of her's on joining the show would be on how she would be portrayed to her young children. After all, what mother wants to look like an idiot throwing a glass of wine over her housewives castmates? Brown is already in enough drama without joining the show as a few months ago she was in an online feud with Brandy Norwood.

Brown continued to talk to "People" about what television shows she would be interested in appearing in. She said it would be with people from the same area as her. If Brown would star in a television show with her friends the castmates could discuss how common their pasts are by being brought up in similar worlds as each other.

That sounds like a great idea for a television show if you ask me.

Monica Brown’s family is more important to her than a career

Brown will be going on a national tour later in the year with Xscape, but she doesn’t want to be far away from her children for too long. When talking to "People" about being away from her kids, Brown said that her being away from her kids for a long period of time is "non-negotiable." This is understandable as no mother wants to be away from her young children for too long in case they miss her.

Family is obviously very important to Brown as her and her husband Shannon Brown have been married since 2010. Brown also has three children, two with rapper Rodney "Rocko" Hill and one with her current husband, Shannon. The bottom line is that it is definitely safe to say that family comes first for this singer no matter what.