The Houston Texans have found the QB of the future in first-round pick Deshaun Watson. Watson put on a masterful performance against one of the best secondaries in the NFL in the Seattle Seahawks. Watson's performance this past Sunday garnered praise from Richard Sherman, saying he would be a top-five QB in a matter of years. Watson has shown nothing short of a rookie of the year-caliber season, and he is the QB The Texans have finally Struck Gold with. Watson is the QB of the future for Houston after being overlooked by many teams during the draft.

Draft overlook

After his outstanding career at Clemson which involved two trips to the national championship, winning one of them, Watson wasn't given the respect he deserved coming out of college, as he was projected as a late first-round pick or even a second-round pick. Watson has the resume of a proven winner but lacked certain mental attributes that a quarterback needs in the NFL. He was prone to making bad decisions with the ball and not recognizing coverages well. This caused his draft stock to drop at the beginning, but his great workouts at the combine and individual workouts caused him to be projected as a mid-first-round pick by the time the draft rolled around.

Many teams overlooked Watson's winning, citing his lack of physical/mental capabilities rather than looking at him as a winner and a champion.

During the draft, the Texans traded with the Browns to obtain the 12th pick to get Watson. The Texans were the only ones who wanted to take a chance on Watson, prioritizing his winning attitude and his credentials. They knew that the physical and mental things could be worked out with time.

Shining star

Watson's rise to stardom wasn't like any typical rookie QB.

He came to a Texans team that didn't have any long-term solution at QB. Watson was in competition with Tom Savage for the starting QB job and many thought that Watson earned the right to start. Savage was the starting QB in week one but was benched in favor of Watson in that game. Watson started the following week and has since started his onslaught on opposing defenses.

Watson is leading the league in total TDs with 19, and his recent performance against the Seahawks has proven to the league that Watson is here to stay.

Watson is only in his rookie year, and the Texans finally have ended the revolving door at QB. Watson's winning attitude and physical abilities have helped him burst onto the scene as one of the NFL's young stars. The Texans still have a long way to go if they want to make the playoffs, but with Watson at the helm, the sky is the limit for this young Texans squad.