The Washington Redskins are very capable of making a move to take control of the Nfc East on Monday Night Football. This team will not win the division in one night, and they still need to get past the Eagles. However, the Giants and Cowboys appear to be a mess. Is it actually possible that The Redskins could win this division after all the strange things that have happened this season? Having Kirk Cousins helps, and there is a bit of hope in Washington as other teams fall around them.

The NFC East race

The race in the NFC East is clearly between the Redskins and the Eagles.

The Giants are already done for the season, and the Cowboys just got beaten badly by the Rams. You cannot tell me that the Cowboys or the Giants are in this race. The Redskins could actually catch up to the Eagles, and that would be a compelling race against two young teams that are not actually done growing yet. It is true that the Redskins have a better offense just because it is more established, but it appears that Carson Wentz is ready to drag the Eagles into the future. Having only two teams in the division race makes it more interesting.

What about next year?

The Cowboys can probably fix their problems by next year because the Elliott court case will be over, the defense could be fixed, and the offense will still be intact.

The Giants might be a mess for a couple years if they do not fix their offensive line. The Eagles will improve because they are on the right path, and the Redskins will probably lose Kirk Cousins. This means that the Redskins have one chance to make a major run. Cousins probably knows that because he likely does not plan to sign in Washington, and that could lead him to play better.

If Cousins has a banner night, we might pencil in this team to get at least a wild-card spot.

What if the Redskins stink, too?

The Eagles will be left standing by themselves if the Redskins cannot beat good teams. That would make the NFC East a one-horse race until next year where we see what has been fixed across the division.

The Cowboys need more time, and we can tell that the Giants are not ready. Therefore, you have to assume that the Eagles will take the upper hand in this division. They can draft for want instead of need, and they could make their team a lot better. The Redskins will have to sign a new quarterback, and the Giants will have to waste a first rounder on an offensive lineman along with many other picks. Meanwhile, the Eagles are getting deeper. They could take hold of this division unless the Redskins step up.