The Chicago Cubs have fired their third base coach, hitting coach, and pitching coach. They won the World Series, then they nearly missed the World Series this year. I do not know about you, but that sounds like a reason to start firing people. Wait, no it does not. The Cubs are trying to be that hardcore franchise where you take everything very seriously, will fire people left and right, and generally be like the Patriots. The Cubs do not realize how good they have it, and I predict they will be worse next year. What is the message here?

They did just fine

Yes, the Chicago Cubs had a really bad season when they started, but they closed the season very hot. They did not play very well in the NLCS, but they still came close to going back to the World Series. The Cubs were good enough, and I think that they could have built on the season they had. You fire people from your staff if you did not win the World Series last year. You give them another year, and then they get fired because you missed out again. I think the Cubs forgot that they won a title last year.

They are not the Patriots

The Cubs have too high of an opinion of themselves. Are they a better franchise? Yes, they are. Are they a great franchise? No, they are not that great yet.

They need to be happy with the things that they have been doing, and they should have come up with a plan to fix them. Let us assume that they had the same problems next year. That would be a very good time to start firing people on your staff because you know for sure that things have not been fixed. You would be justified in firing those coaches, and you could move on.

The message from the Cubs is not one of justified frustration. Their message is complete inconsistency.

The roster is still good

The Cubs have a good roster, and they are sending their players a message that they are going to be kicked out the door just because they were not good for a short period of time. The season is so long, and it was a long time ago when they started poorly.

The Cubs are still mad about how they started the season, and they have fired three people out of stupidity. I hope that they enjoy making everyone on their team nervous. I would not feel comfortable playing for a team like this because I could win an award and get fired because management was mad about something that was silly. Only Joe Maddon is safe, and he cannot fix the upper management problems that this team has. They should have stayed the course.