Joe Mixon has been a bit of problem for the Bengals because they knew that they were going to get into this, and now they see that he is going to have problems with the way the offense works. This guy is a criminal, and now he has been given the gift of a lifetime by the Bengals. As soon as he had a problem, he decided to bite the hand that feeds him. That is what a loser likes, and the Bengals might be some of the biggest losers in football.

Why draft him?

The Bengals thought that they could get away with drafting someone who was a problem because they have had problem children before.

I have even argued that this might have been the best place for him to go. The problem is that Marvin Lewis is complaining saying that Mixon has to mature. That is not a good response because that is not what you say when you draft a child who has already been accused of serious crimes. That is when you sit him down and tell him to shut up, or he is cut. The Bengals are doing this the wrong way, and it is all because they are too impressed with their development system.

This is why they stink

This team stinks because they have been banking all their hopes on the fact that things would just work out, and they never thought for a second that it would go wrong. They just assumed that it would be fine with Andy Dalton passing to AJ Green, and they just assumed that their defense would be great.

These two things have made them very bad, and they have allowed Mixon to get too full of himself in the process. That just makes it worse because they are now only working on hope and not on actual facts.

Will they keep him?

I would not keep Mixon just because you figure that he is going to be there when Marvin Lewis gets fired.

They will have to hire someone else who has to put up with him, and I do not think that anyone would want to deal with it. That is where you lose a lot of development time because your new coach has to spend all their time trying to babysit and placate a child, and they cannot do anything that actually makes the team better.

That is a problem because the coach has to be told that Mixon is too valuable to screw up. If that is the case, the coach knows that he has no real power at all. He might be able to call plays, but he will not actually be in control of the team. That means that the team will start to fall behind even more.

The Bengals have messed this up as badly as possible. Joe Mixon controls this team, their narrative, and he might control their future.