The Houston Astros will win the World Series, and it is because they already beat the very hot Yankees. Now we have to see them keep putting together the powerful pitching performances that they need, and they can get those if they just keep doing what they have been doing for the whole season. The Dodgers are going to be in scramble mode because they have to win right now, but the Astros have nothing to loose, and it is going to show when they win this series.

They are young

The Astros are very young, and they are so young that everyone kind of expected them to be ready to win this World Series.

They have been the model of doing the right things with their farm system, and they have been doing it right this whole time. They clearly have all the right players, and they made only the right signings and trades. They got Brian McCann because they needed a veteran catcher, and they got Justin Verlander because they needed to make sure that they had the right veteran on their pitching staff. That combination of talent helped them beat the Yankees, and they can do the same things to the Dodgers.

They have nothing to lose

The Astros have nothing to lose, and they have to keep playing like they are young. There are a lot of young teams that surprise everyone, because they figure that they can play out of their minds and recover from it later.

That happened with the 1991 and 1992 Cowboys, and it has happened with the Yankees in the 90s. These Astros are so young and hungry that they can play like they are on the sandlot, and they can do that now while they still have the energy. They can win a title through cunning in a few years, but they need to win this title by being crazy right now.

They have a good homefield

We can be assured that the Astros will win all their games at home in this series, and we also know that they can steal games on the road. This team knows how to deal with hard places to play, and they are making it much easier to win because they play as if they are not listening to what we say. They only play their game in much the same way that the Spurs do, and that makes them very dangerous.

The Dodgers tend to bend to the will of their opponents, but the Astros force you to try to play their game. No one can play their game, and that is when you lose.

The Astros are well managed

AJ Hinch is a better manager than Dave Roberts. I do not know what it is, but I know that Hinch seems to have his finger on the pulse of this team, this league, and high pressure situations.