Off the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark, on Saturday, divers have recovered the head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The appendages were found stored in plastic bags and weighted down with ‘metal pieces.’ Jens Moeller Jensen, the detective leading the investigation, said that an autopsy was performed on the head and that there was no sign of fracture or violence present.

On August 10 of this year Kim Wall, a 30-yr-old Swedish freelance journalist, climbed into a privately built submarine for an interview. She never climbed back out. Wall was reported missing on the eleventh.

Wall was to interview Peter Madsen, a 46-yr-old aerospace engineering enthusiast. Peter is an inventor, submarine builder, founder and CEO of RML Spacelab ApS, and owner of the submarine that Kim Wall climbed into.

What police say and what Madsen says do not match

The submarine was submerged for several hours on the night of August 10 during which time, said police Detective Jensen, it is believed that Wall’s body was dismembered. Kim Wall’s headless torso was found 6 weeks ago, on August 21, on the shoreline of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was 11 days after she was reported missing. Around the same time, police say they found video footage of women being decapitated on a hard drive belonging to the suspect, Peter Madsen.

Peter denied this and claimed that the video footage did not belong to him, that everyone in the laboratory where he worked had access to it. It’s notable that Peter Madsen reportedly changed his story multiple times since Kim Wall first entered his submarine in early August.

Initially, Peter had said that he dropped Wall off safely in Copenhagen.

However, he then changed his story to say that she had died in an accident on the submarine and that he then buried her at sea. Police believe that the submarine, which sank shortly after Wall’s partner reported her missing, was deliberately scuttled by Peter Madsen.

The charge sheet, Peter’s story and the holes in it.

According to CNN, the charge sheet alleges that, after killing her, Peter Madsen cut up the body of Kim Walls, puncturing her torso, and tying metal pieces to the body in order to ensure that it would sink.

Investigators were able to match blood found inside Madsen's submarine to blood from Kim Wall’s torso.

Madsen’s story says that Kim Wall was climbing to the top of a platform where he was holding the hatch for her, when he slipped, losing his grip on the hatch, which then fell and hit Wall on the head killing her. He then panicked, he said, and contemplated suicide before electing instead to dump her body and scuttle the submarine.

All I can say about this story is that I think it sounds almost believable until you take into account that Peter did not just dump the body. He dumped pieces of the body stuffed in bags with heavy metal. And then there is the video footage on the hard drive. These video’s are outlining murders that bear a strong resemblance to that of Kim Wall. Peter Madsen may be a smart and industrious guy, but obviously not so when it comes to murder. I don't think he is getting away with this one. I hope I’m correct.