Odell Beckham Jr needs Surgery on his injured Ankle, and this is the point at which the Giants need to figure out what they can get back for him. They have no offensive line, but they are about to let their hall of fame quarterback fall apart behind a unit they have to fix right now. Their best offensive player got himself hurt, danced on the ankle, and now he magically needs surgery. This is a bit like the time Shaq waited to get his hip repaired, and he was never the same. The Giants might watch Beckham score a lot for another Team, but he is not worth the constant headaches anymore.

He only shows up when it makes him look good

There is not a single thing that Beckham has done that makes him a team player, but he is always there to promote himself. The self-promotion is turning out to be fairly gross because this guy wants to be highly paid even though he is not willing to do what it takes to get paid that kind of money. People who make that kind of money say the right things, show up to the facility all the time, and they do not dance on injured ankles. At the very best, Beckham is a knucklehead. At the very worst he is a cancer for the Giants. Every guy in that locker room must have rolled their eyes when they heard the news.

You have other options

The Giants have other options, and they should put in a call to the Yankees to find out how they turned over their roster in less than a season.

We have discussed this in this column before, but the Giants just put too much into their defense to make their offense viable. Manning has never been good enough to drag the team on his back, and he is too old to run away from danger all the time. The Giants could have invested in a lot of things besides damage control with Beckham, and now his distraction has left them with fewer options.

Someone in the NFL will trade for Beckham so that the Giants can fix their team instead of putting all their energy into one guy who clearly does not care that much.

Behavior has to matter

There has to be a line that you can cross with your employer where they simply will not tolerate you anymore. We know that the Giants ownership group is not all that progressive, but they probably have figured out that this nonsense will never stop.

They cannot expect it to be quiet ever again as long as Beckham is on the roster, and he is not making them any better. He is a constant source of headaches and questions, and those headaches/questions get really old really fast. Trading Beckham creates more chances to improve before Eli Manning retires.