The University of Maryland is a dumpster fire if ever I have seen one. Their President has trashed other schools even though he said he basically meant no offense, and no he has gotten mad at his AD for looking for another job. The AD was looking for the open job at Cal where he used to work, and instead, he got put on leave until August of next year. The President of the school took exception to this guy looking for a new job where he once worked, but we all know that the most money hungry and disgusting people in college athletics are school presidents.

However, then The President said everything was fine. What is going on in Maryland?

Men are too emotional

Men are obviously too emotional to do jobs like this if they cannot understand that people move around all the time. This is Maryland. You will find someone else, and you will probably get some help from Scott Van Pelt since he went there. You could have had a nice little search, but you instead made it look like Maryland is not a place that anyone would want to work. Who would take a job at Maryland thinking that The University President could have a bad hair day and fire them? I would never work there, and I most certainly would not send my kid there. How can you possibly run a large state university and be this emotional?

I think this man is too emotional to do the job, and he should give it to a woman who does not recant reports of firing the AD seconds after they come out.

What now?

Maryland needs to decide if it actually values the department at all. Their basketball team is ok, their football team is terrible, and they only have a women's basketball team to lean on.

I am not totally sure if they even care if they have sports, and if that is the case, then they need to tear everything down and spend that money on something else. It would be easy for them to do, or the university president could be called to account for being a child.

The football team needs help

The football team is not all that great, and you would think that they might not want the instability right now.

The president of the school could have kept this under wraps, but he decided to have a fit and do this right now. Then, he had to say that he did not have a tantrum and try to fire this guy. It is really sad and pathetic that we let men like this run our country, and I hope parents from the school come out to ask this man where he gets off doing things like this. At the very least, most of the football staff should start looking for jobs because I would not feel very secure at all. Building anything at Maryland is just too hard at this point, and most of these coaches could get new jobs in a few weeks if they really wanted to.