Jay Cutler has been playing good enough for the Miami Dolphins, and that is about all you can ask of him. There are a number of people who think that Jay Cutler is lazy or malcontented, but he was just letting the Wildcat play itself out without getting hurt. You should consider all the steps that go into a Wildcat formation, and each of those steps will tell you why Cutler did not even move when the Wildcat formation was used in Miami.

The Wildcat is not really a common play

We are not talking about tim tebow running the Wildcat, getting the ball back and throwing some kind of big pass.

It is very hard for people to imagine anyone but Tim Tebow running the Wildcat, and that is why we expected Cutler to run a route or doing something very athletic. Cutler's job was to get out of the formation because that would obviously be confusing to the defense. He drew someone to cover him, and that is part of what makes the play effective in very small doses.

He has to remain healthy

If you came out of retirement to fill a roster spot for someone who is hurt, would you do anything that would be deemed dangerous or could get you hurt? I imagine that I would not. I think that the Dolphins probably told Cutler, in no uncertain terms, that he had to be as healthy as possible. They probably threatened to get some of their money back if he put himself in harm's way, and that is why he stood there when the play occurred.

Adam Gase defended him

Adam Gase came out and defended Cutler. You have to take the coach at his word in a play that was clearly not designed to make Cutler do anything spectacular. Gase wrote the formation, and he just explained that Cutler really was not supposed to move in the first place. Could he have sold it a little bit better?

Yes, he could have. However, the Dolphins did not win or lose based on that one play. Cutler went back under center and gave the Dolphins the play that they needed when they signed him.

The Dolphins are treading water

The Dolphins are treading water until they can figure out what it is that they are supposed to do. They are a very good franchise that has not put all the pieces together yet.

They could easily use this season to figure out if they need to keep Ryan Tannehill or just move on. They can choose to let Cutler go because he is only on a one year deal, or they can draft someone better. Watching Jay Cutler stand there for one play literally tells them nothing helpful. We cannot glean anything from this other than Cutler is old and fills a spot.