Army has won yet another game in which they did not pass for a single yard. They are not blazing any new trails because we used to not pass at all when the players wore leather helmets and the forward pass was illegal. However, we are now in a place where the ball is run to set up the pass. Heck, Peyton Manning had a whole career with practically no running game, and the Patriots only run the ball as a formality. There are a lot of teams that keep moving away from the running game, but others are leaning on serious backs. Look at the Cardinals, the Vikings, and the Jaguars.

They have running games like no other. Kareem Hunt might be the MVP of the league. Is Army onto something?

Army is not onto something

Army just does not pass the ball, but it seems to work in their conference with their opponents. They obviously cannot keep that up forever because football changes, but they are not running right now. That means that they will keep running until they find another way to be effective. I would like to see what they are doing perhaps give some people ideas in the NFL, but that is about as far as it could go. That is why we have to hope that people who run the ball well out of college get their shot to make an impact in the NFL.

The NFL could use some ideas

Running games in the NFL need some help, and that is alright.

They need some new ways that they can make changes to the way that they move the ball to set up the passing game, and that is why it is important for the people who are in the NFL to maybe pick up some of these guys that run in these ground and pound offenses. There is a running back or two at Army who could have a nice NFL career if they were given a chance to be successful.

I would feel much better about that than simply throwing in the first person we find. Also, it will make room for guys who really are star Running Backs like Kareem Hunt.

The NFL is stronger when it runs

More running backs can be stars when we take running the ball seriously, and that is why the NFL needs to make sure that they take as many running ideas from college as they can.

The colleges that are running the ball the most should be promoting the running game so that they can make the game more exciting for those who enjoy that kind of game. The offense is exciting, and that is why it is important that we let Army get more press. What if every NFL team did just a little bit of what Army does? I would be surprised, and it might look impressive. We would get more Kareem Hunts out of it.