“Bring on The Love” is my title for a Kindle Book I am finishing up as we speak. My willingness to write Kindle e-books is part choice, part necessity. My e-books are links in a chain of thinking. There are more than 100 of them plus books published in prior decades.

I no longer believe in creating conventional books. This is good because no publisher wants to form conventional books from links in a chain. It is even better because it enables me to create a "new" sort of reading experience.

Maxim power

More and more my writing focuses on messages.

Messages are maxims, tweets, sayings, thought-starters, propositions. This is hardly original since every culture began with maxims. Try finding Heraclitus to see what I mean. Jesus had maximum message power. Romans were sayings addicts.

The power of short messages is related to memory. We most easily remember lyrics. Songs are great teachers. Maxims are a close second. One of my maxims is, “Reality is all”. It came up for me long before the era of Trump. But his weird presence is a spur to understanding these three words as the ground of a future philosophy.

Or so I think. One can write with no more honesty than what one believes.

Peirce and pedagogy

Charles Sanders Peirce believed we all act on, what he called, memorial maxims. We have fragments of words within us that generate our actual Expressions and actions. I have based the last decade's work on a similar assumption regarding influence.

I am nobody but I send words out constantly and some of them stick.

I see the future as belonging to persons who follow this path. We do not need any more leaders or institutional movements. We need social human beings who make messages of the universal values they believe in.

Bringing on the love

My little book “Bring on The Love” is just a link in a long chain of efforts to launch thought in the world. The Web is the only way we have, folks. Either we own it or it will fall to binary souls who have little thought but a great deal of knee-jerk presumption.

Bringing on love in today’s world is a conscious action that requires a lot of context and a good deal of analysis.Here is a short sample of keywords: tolerance, helpfulness, democracy, reality, ethics, aesthetics, action. I intend this and other books to stimulate independent study by readers, using the incredible resources available online.

I see the short aphoristic approach as the best way to engage persons who care about truly creating progress in the world.