Donald Trump, as usual, used his favorite medium, Twitter, to attack the North Korean dictator. He tweeted out multiple tweets on Sunday attempting to dissuade future negotiations with North Korea. It further seems that he did this right after his Secretary of State claimed that the U.S. was still in negotiations with North Korea.

Trump is tweeting the U.S. into war

Here are the tweets from Trump calling Kim Jong-Un "Rocket Man", which presumably is an insult. Notwithstanding that a rocket is something that propels to great heights.

Essentially what Trump is saying, in these tweets, is that the U.S.

should forego diplomacy and take action. The only other action that can be taken would be military. Military conflict in North Korea would be devastating to the globe. North Korea has threatened to use all of their military and weapons to destroy South Korea, Japan and the U.S. (It must be noted that we are still unclear whether North Korea's arsenal could reach the U.S.). China has warned that it will not hesitate to intervene if the U.S. strikes first. Russia has also warned the U.S. about invading North Korea. Both China and Russia have great nuclear power. They could reach the U.S.

It is not just about the U.S. though, as the entire globe will be affected if there is conflict. Allies will be forced to send troops into a war that will not have any winners, just a host of victims and casualties.

The cost of goods will rise. Travel will be restricted. The impact will be so vast. Knowing this, I cannot fathom how Trump could presume this constant berating of North Korea, on Twitter, isn't perilous.

It is time for Trump to close his twitter account

Trump should not be allowed, any further, to use a personal Twitter account when he's acting on the behalf of millions of people - Americans.

Trump's latest tweets show that it's no longer about meaningless rhetoric or hollow insults, instead, it's about military action or not. Diplomacy is vital to securing world peace. Peace is essential to ensuring longevity for humanity. A war with North Korea would be catastrophic. It's further egregious if that war is caused because of the impulsive hands of Donald Trump.

No matter how anyone feels about North Korea, it must be noted that North Korea is a sovereign nation. Threatening them, especially on Twitter, a public forum, is only going to further inflame the situation. Egoism between Trump and Kim Jong-un must be curtailed as they will cause a war and neither will be on the frontline in combat. It will be our family and friends fighting because of the egos of two people. I cannot sit silently while Trump attempts to tweet us into war. Therefore it's time for Trump to close his personal twitter account.

Trump should no longer be allowed to act recklessly with the lives of millions of people. Diplomacy is the only option, war is not an option. In order to avoid a war, Trump has to stop tweeting.