The United States intelligence committee is convinced that diplomatic intervention cannot convince Kim Jong-un to end his nuclear weapons ambition. Reportedly, the North Korean President is about to aim for the US West coast with another long-range missile launch.

Kim Jong-un seemingly marches to the beat of his own drum as he continues with his nuclear tests, despite several sanctions by the United Nations. Now, analysts have warned that North Korea’s tension could have severe implications on the United States national security, according to a probe into the importation of steel.

Trump let Russia and China take away US Jobs?

The influx of cheap steel from china and the Russian empire has left the American people at risk. Thousands of Americans could lose their jobs as countries like the Republic of China and Russia continue to flood the US market with cheaply manufactured steel. Additionally, these governments should be blamed for the over-capacity of steel that has engulfed the US marketplace.

And while the price of steel has reached an all-time low, the massive markdown on cost has left several manufacturers in the United States unable to compete with these foreign competitors.

The White House is still unclear of what to do about China and Russia's influx of cheaply subsidized steel.

It was reported by intelligence sources that Vladimir Putin is anxiously waiting to pounce, and apparently, he will use the situation as political leverage if the United States president's foreign policy fails.

Meanwhile, China has considerable financial stakes in North Korea as it is the most significant trade partner of the North Koreans.

The Chinese government also had established several business partnerships in that country. However, because of the tension in the Korean Peninsula, China had already relocated many of its North Korean businesses.

Will the US steel industry collapse?

The massive surge in the importation of steel has led to the decline in the manufacturing of American steel.

According to data provided by several analysts, in 2015 and 2016 over 14,000 US citizens lost their jobs in the steel industry.

Brigadier General John Adams has urged the Trump administration to enact measures that will circumvent the influx of cheap steel from Russia and China. Adams warned that if the US president does nothing, then the United States steel industry will collapse.