The giants have a woeful offense, but they have some very nice receivers. Sadly, the Giants cannot really get the ball to anyone other than Beckham. This is the reason why he is still a very good choice for a Fantasy roster. The Giants will not fix their offensive line, and they will ride Beckham as much as they can. They know that they have one of the most dynamic players in the league, and they seem happy to turn him into a fantasy stud.

The Giants defense is worthy of a fantasy selection

Taking the Giants defense is not a bad choice for fantasy because we know that they are very good.

Filling out your roster might be more complicated if you tried to choose a more obscure team, but we know for a fact that the Giants have a defense that could stop people if they were not on the field so much. The defense might score here and there, and they are a much safer bet than other defenses that are inconsistent.

The passing game has a little potential

Beckham can essentially go up and get the passes that would be too hard for other people to catch, and that makes him the only option when things break down. Since Eric Flowers is so bad, we have to assume that Beckham will be catching a lot of passes that are only thrown in his vicinity. Eli Manning may not be able to do much else, and that makes Manning a fairly bad pick for a fantasy quarterback.

How long can this go on?

Anyone who trusts in the Giants defense or Beckham will see some consistent scoring in fantasy, but they will not get much else from this team. The Giants provide so little fantasy help that most people who love playing fantasy football might avoid this team altogether. Hoping for a good week from the Giants at this point might be a little bit of a stretch, and the Giants could start to deteriorate if they do not start winning.

Draft elsewhere

Drafting for a fantasy team might be much easier if you simply focus on the best players on each team. Manning, then, does not give you must help. Beckham is wonderful, and their other receivers are not a viable option because they simply cannot see the ball enough. You can do the same thing on a team like Jaguars where you know Leonard Fournette will rush for over a hundred yards every game.

The Giants defense will get worn down by a bad offense, and they might fall apart because they are so tired. You have to weigh what you believe they can accomplish against what might happen in a sixty-minute game.

Drafting for fantasy from the Giants might not be the best choice you have ever made. Consider carefully before trusting someone like Beckham.