The entire world had high expectations for china when it comes to North Korea ending its crazy nuclear program. Both nations have much in common with China being North Korea’s economic lifeline.

U.S. President Donald Trump certainly seems to think the Chinese government could force Kim Jong Un to end its nuclear testing. However, the relationship between the two countries is very complicated. And although they are close allies there is a great deal of mutual distrust and antipathy between them.

There is also the realization that they are inextricably linked and, perhaps, cannot possibly go their separate ways.

China’s relationship with North Korea matters a whole lot.

Increased nuclear threat to the US mainland

The range of North Korean missiles is expected to extend into the US region in a matter of months. However, if that should happen, the US needs to have a credible strategy in place.This makes China’s effort to make North Korea ends its nuclear ambitions extremely critical.

John Delury, an expert on the region, suggests that the Chinese are exasperated by the North Korean leader stubbornness. Delury also states that North Korea will harbor a sense of betrayal by their more powerful benefactor. China, on the other hand, feels a sense of disdain toward its impoverished trading partner.

New UN sanctions against North Korea

And now, Chinese officials are wary of Kim Jong Un’s irrational behavior, which seems to be dragging them into the nuclear missile mess. Blaming North Korea for compromising its interests, China now promotes more stringent sanctions from the United Nations against its trading partner.

However, the North Korean President remained unphased as his country is quite used to being punished by the rest of the world.

Jong Un will remain resolute against any pressure, even from its closest ally. The most significant leverage that China has is the oil it supplies to the territory. For now, it remains to be seen if China would cut-off its supply to pressure N. Korea’s president.

Several analysts have weighed in on the situation stating that undoubtedly the country will give up its nuclear program.

They have noted that the fault lines between the two socialist nations are very profound. North Korea, they said, will not necessarily take any dictation from even its largest trade partner.

China, it seems cannot necessarily be counted on to resolve the North Korean crisis. The Chinese government, for now, has to watch helplessly as the deadlock continues between the United States and the North Korean leader.