The Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions are likely playing for a Wild Card spot in their big Week 5 game. The Lions have a nice offense and the Panthers just beat the Patriots in Foxboro. The Lions need to prove that they are good enough to beat some of the better teams in the league, and the Panthers need to continue their hot streak. Carolina is working to add some momentum to beat the Falcons in the NFC South, and these two divisional chasers have to keep up. The Carolina vs. Detroit game is almost must-see-TV for football fans this weekend.

The Panthers offense

The Panthers offense has about as much momentum as possible, and they must keep up their momentum while playing this Lions defense. The Falcons stand at the front of the line in the NFC South, and the Panthers are probably stinging from losing to the Falcons last year. It may seem a bit short-sighted to think that the Panthers are only focused on the Falcons, but that is how the Panthers get to the playoffs. A Panthers team that maintains its momentum will be much scarier for a Falcons team trying to overcome a Super Bowl loss.

The Lions offense

The Lions offense is fantastic, and they have a wonderful receiving duo that could get past the front line of the Panthers defense.

The Packers will likely to win the NFC North, and that is why the Lions need help getting into the playoffs. They could be stung by the Vikings, and there are a couple other teams in the NFC that will try to take a Wild Card spot from them. The Lions have to keep scoring so that other teams will respect their offense, and they need to score so much that the Panthers offense cannot get back on the field.


Ron Rivera is still coaching for his job, and he has definitely helped himself by winning at New England. However, it is probably necessary for this team to go to the playoffs if they want to be taken seriously. Rivera could lose his job if he misses the playoffs, and a few bad losses could see him fired before the season is over.

Beating the Lions is essential because his defense needs to prove that they can stop good offenses. In case you do not remember, the Patriots scored a lot last weekend.

Jim Caldwell just got his contract extension, but that does not mean that he can rest on his laurels. This guy has to be sure that he has pushed his team very close to the playoffs or into the playoffs. This franchise is paying Matt Stafford a lot of money, and they need to see instant results so that they know they are on the right track. The Lions have had so many problems that they need this glimmer of hope.