The Nfc East is a mess right now for absolutely no reason at all. We cannot accurately predict anything that is going on in this division, and we cannot tell if teams are having bad weeks or exposing fatal flaws. The Cowboys have been terrible against the Broncos in Week 2, and the Giants are recovering from losing badly to this very same Dallas team. The Redskins have rebounded in Week 2, and the Eagles did not do themselves any favors against the Chiefs. What is reality and fantasy in the NFC East? We probably do not know.

Who can win this division?

Everyone can win this division right now. If we replayed the Giants/Cowboys game from Week 1, the Giants would win against a Dallas team that looks this bad. The Eagles should not have lost to the Chiefs but Kareem Hunt came out of nowhere, and the Redskins should not have looked so solid today. We have no idea which team is truly the best because they have all had up and down performances. Anyone who tells you they know who will win this division is lying. The NFC East is too unpredictable to call.


Every team in this division has distractions from Jerry Jones to Kirk Cousins. Eric Flowers and Ezekiel Elliott are not any help, and all four teams must pull themselves out of the gutter before they are consumed by their problems.

We could spend the whole season talking about how Eli Manning has no protection, about how The Cowboys are still in court with the NFL, or how Kirk Cousins hates it in Washington. Why are we talking about these things? All of these teams have not actually solved their problems. The only team that we cannot complain about is the Eagles, and they still look inconsistent.

They will have to deal with the sophomore slump narrative all season where Carson Wentz is concerned.

They cannot fix this

The Redskins already screwed up with Cousins so badly that he will likely walk away instead of playing for them on the cheaper contract they should have given him, and the Cowboys could be in court with the NFL forever over this Elliott suspension.

The Giants might never figure out their offensive line before Eli Manning retires, and the Eagles cannot make Carson Wentz grow up faster. These teams are all hemmed in by problems they cannot solve right now, but at least the Eagles have a better platform for success than the other teams. If this writer had to choose a team to win this division after two weeks of the season, it would be the Eagles. The old predictions have to be thrown out. They are meaningless at this point.