In every field, we consistently encounter deadlines in the workplace. We are bombarded with daily submissions, and there are times that it can get pretty overwhelming. We do our best in order to meet those deadlines, but there are instances that we cannot seem to get it together.

Why is this the Case? We're only human - our minds need rest. Creativity and productivity can be so challenging to maintain, and I learned that first-hand.

These two factors have to be present in order for us to produce quality work. There's a catch though: based on my experience, your productivity relies heavily on your creative side.

What happens if you're no longer inspired?

As I was writing my nth piece for the day, I felt so drained that I can no longer think clearly. The words were drowned because of the silent darkness that suddenly occupied my tiny mind.Where's the originality? What happened to my ideas? This is bound to happen eventually as I've used too much of my creativity.

We can certainly do things in order to boost our creativity. There are Ways to enhance it based on a report from PopSugar.

Acknowledge your slump

The key to overcoming it at first is to admit to yourself that you're having a Slump. Recognize your weaknesses and work on them. By the way, be enlightened knowing that it's not only happening to you.

Accept the fact that everyone may experience this at least once in their lifetime. You don't have to force yourself. Take time to recover and get back on track.

Let go of the pressure

We all know how paralyzing this is. Pressure can either have a positive or negative effect on us. In this case, it's leaning more towards negativity that's why it's alright to take a step back and let go.

You don't always have to move forward if you have doubts and fears. It won't hurt to evaluate yourself before taking the plunge.

Change your routine

Spice up your daily activities and get going. It's possible that a change of scenery or pace may have a great effect on your creativity. If something's new, your brain is likely to be stimulated because of a change in your usual or ordinary activities.

Get away and relax

Travel if you can and spend some time relaxing. It's a good idea to unwind and find something that fuels your imagination. Head to the beach and swim. Hike mountains and go camping. Do anything that you find relaxing.

I'm pretty sure you'll be out of this slump in no time so just keep going. Don't ever lose hope and keep trusting yourself!