Usain Bolt has said in Japan, according to ESPN, that his World Records will stand for decades to come, and most people would tend to agree. He is a unique athlete the likes of which we have not seen in the past. He is such a strong runner that anyone who wants to come close to his success would have to grow several inches and be blessed with that slender frame. Why was Usain Bolt the greatest sprinter we have ever seen?

His height sets him apart

There has not really been a tall sprinter like that in the history of Olympic and world competition. The sprinting world is filled with athletes who are a bit shorter than Bolt and more muscular.

Guys like Carl Lewis or Tyson Gay are smaller by comparison, and they run downhill because they do not have the long stride that Bolt has. Bolt was graced with the long legs that carried him to the finish in much the same way that Michael Johnson did at the 1996 Olympics.

He chose the right specialty

Bolt could have been a 100, 200, and 400 runner. He could have become a top hurdler, but he became a sprinter in the 100 and 200 exclusively. His choice of disciplines made him a better runner, and he did not do the long jump like Carl Lewis did. Carl Lewis was the finest athlete of his time, and we often gave him credit for that because he also did the long jump. Skipping the long jump and the 400m gave Bolt more time to devote to sprinting the shorter distances.

This era is unique

We are living in an era where there is more money, more technology, and more medicine. Bolt was given the opportunity to make a lot of money because of his success, and money allowed him to train in the healthiest way possible. He was given every advantage in terms of better shoes, and he was given medical opportunities that allowed him to care for his joints in a much better way.

Everything from the shorts to the jersey made the tiniest difference that older athletes did not have.

He is gifted

Usain Bolt worked hard for what he accomplished, but he is also one of the most gifted athletes that you will ever see. His physical gifts have made him one of the greatest Olympians in history, and he was able to extend his career simply because he had physical gifts.

Someone who maxes out their potential for one Olympics often cannot come back because they do not have the underlying physical gift that someone like Usain Bolt has. He is an example of what can happen when someone who should be playing basketball or soccer decides to be a sprinter.