There is a reason to believe that the republicans in Congress have grown tired of having to do all heavy-lifting for Donald Trump. Over the month, many of those Republicans have had to "put out fires" that the President starts through his controversies and growing scandals. This month, more "fires" were started over his statements about the violence in Charlottesville, his recent pardon of former sheriff Joe Arpaio and his growing attacks on Republican lawmakers. This is despite the fact that Gen. John Kelly has become his new White House Chief of Staff that Republicans were hoping would "right the ship".

And so it seems that he has, as far as reorganizing the White House but not necessarily with organizing Trump.

GOP watched loyal 'Trumpublican' attacked

In a report by Politico titled: "Fallout grows as Trump continues attacks on fellow GOP members," it refers to the Republican conference that has always distrusted Trump. It states that the only Republican to come out and endorse Donald Trump had been Jeff Sessions who ended up becoming his attorney general. But in recent months, the GOP has had to watch the President publicly trash him for recusing himself from the Russia investigation that is being conducted on President Trump, for possible collusion with Russian officials over the 2016 Presidential Election.

One of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's advisers, Josh Holmes, said in the article that if Trump was looking to destroy the Republican Party, from a national perspective, that he shouldn't change a thing. But he also noted that it's complete misery to see Democrats get a kick out of the abuse they have to endure from the President and that Democrats are loving every bit of it.

Republicans sensitive about optics

The article also reports that the President's and McConnell's aides got together earlier this week to come up with some matching statements that would make it seem as if they were moving forward without conflict. Reports said that the recent stories about an angry phone call between the President and McConnell have been damaging to the Hill and to the White House.

It would seem that they had come to some agreement. But the article also points out that as they were negotiating, the President took to Twitter to attack McConnell again, showing that he will not be restrained and will continue to attack if he wants to.

Clearly, with Trump's recent attacks against a Republican ally Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn) by the end of the week, the President is simply unwilling to comply. It's also clear that with the negotiation for them to come to some agreement last week, that members of Congress are sensitive about the reports of those attacks. In fact, there were moments in recent weeks when Republicans made themselves unavailable to comment any anything about the President. It's only a matter of time before the GOP cracks.