Dwyane Wade will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it makes absolutely no difference at all. We must carefully study what is happening as Wade goes to Cleveland. This is one last gasp to play with LeBron James, and it probably has a lot of ripple effects that we have not considered. Did we forget about the way LeBron left Miami? Did we forget about the fact that Carmelo Anthony had no chance of going to Cleveland, but Wade magically appears there? The banana boat friendship lies before us cracked and broken on the floor if rumors are true.

Some betrayal

LeBron allegedly never told Wade that he was going to Cleveland. In typical LeBron fashion, he disrespected someone so that he could control the narrative on his career. LeBron left Wade in Miami, and there was never a chance for Wade to go to Cleveland when it mattered. Instead, the Heat had to give Chris Bosh was too much money, his body broke down, and Wade got constantly hurt. Wade ended up in Chicago because LeBron still did not want him in Cleveland, and now Wade is allowed to come to Cleveland because he is cheap. Wade does not appear to be Lebron's friend at all. He appears to be someone that LeBron moves and manipulates as he pleases. We do not know the nature of their relationship, but it is clear that it is not all sunshine and roses.

No Anthony

Carmelo Anthony did not really have a chance to come to Cleveland. LeBron wants what he wants, and he gets what he wants. The banana boat boys are no longer, and that might be sad for Wade. Perhaps they have not been a friend group for a while. Wade probably noticed that and wondered if he could still fit in. He is going to take what he can get, and that is probably going to be very little.

The little side eye

The little side eye that Wade gives LeBron the first time things go south in a game will be an indication that they are not as good a friends as we thought. He might not be able to gel with LeBron because already has the team built around him, and it is clearly LeBron's team now. The problem with that is that Wade is simply the man on the outside looking in.

He looks desperate, and he will probably not have many minutes to play. The Cavaliers can keep Wade in his place, and he will be standing behind LeBron all the time.

Why bother?

Wade can try to win a championship in Cleveland, but it is not going to happen. The Cavaliers are not even as good as the Boston Celtics, and they certainly are not as good as the Golden State Warriors. This is a sad move from a washed-up superstar.