Carmelo Anthony is not a winner, and that is why he cannot legitimately make the Oklahoma City Thunder even remote favorites to win a title. 16-1 odds are pretty good, but Melo is not a winner. You might tell me that he won a national title in college, but I will tell you about how Melo had a lot of help at Syracuse, has not aged well, and is no longer a superstar. Imagine what having Melo as the third option on your team does to your team. The ball hog knows he will rarely see the ball. What do you think will happen?

Melo is not a winner

Melo had a great coach and a lot of great talent around him at Syracuse.

We could give a lot of people on that Syracuse team credit for that title, and it was not specifically because of Melo. He was just the best player on that team, but he did not even hit any big shots. That was all done by someone else. He has been smoked by the Lakers in the playoffs when he got to the conference finals, and he simply was not very good in New York. What about Melo tells you that he is a winner?

He is like Randy Moss

Randy Moss never won a Super Bowl, and a lot of people blame him for that because of the fact that he was a cancer for every team he played on. A great player who takes plays off and generally does not act like he cares will make a team worse. Melo hardly even works out, and videos have surfaced of him working out that look pathetic.

This is why he cannot win. Melo does not care about winning. Sure, winning is not the only thing, but let me tell you that a guy who is motivated to win is a winner. A guy who is not motivated to win is a cash hound. Melo likes money and fame. He like those things more than he likes winning. He will infect the Thunder, and they will get nowhere.

Melo will leave

No one can convince me that Melo will want to stay in OKC at the end of the season. He is probably still dying to play with LeBron, and he could go to LA to play with LeBron when LeBron runs off to the Lakers. There is so much movement planned for the future that we cannot expect a washed-up superstar to simply help the Thunder win a title and then leave.

They will not even turn out to be the second-best team in the West even though they have the second-best talent in the west.

Poor Billy Donovan

Billy Donovan is a good coach, but no one is good enough to get a lazy player to give up the ball and actually care. Melo is too rich and too famous to even care for half a second that Billy Donovan worked a miracle at Florida and somehow created an offense that allowed Russell Westbrook to average a triple-double. Good luck, OKC.