The Tennessee Titans get the Seahawks this week, and they will likely give the Seattle Offensive Line a clinic in how they should be managed. Someone who is interested in how the game should be played should watch to see the protection that the Titans offensive line can provide. The Seahawks will not have as much protection, and we will get a very good look at how bad they are compared to a superior team. The Seahawks are going in the wrong direction, and while their defense remains strong, and they are showing wear and tear in the offensive line that will cause problems for Russell Wilson.

This team cannot compete with the Titans, and it will be a tale of two lines.

Not a blowout

This will not be a blowout because the defense in Seattle is too good for that, but they will be on the field too much to be effective over the course of the game. A game like that is going to be hard for the defensive unit, and it is important for someone who loves the Seahawks to pray that they can get some defensive scoring. Defensive scoring is the only way that the Seahawks can stay in the game, and they probably cannot score enough considering how bad their offense looks right now. Russell Wilson is really good, but he is not good enough to fix the offense all by himself. He has the same problem that the Giants have in New York.

He cannot run around all day and be effective.

The Titans offensive line

The offensive line is very good in Tennessee, and it is so good that people are talking about it being one of the best in the league. They are fairly young, and they will remain together for some time. These guys are playing extremely well, and they are making Marcus Mariota look very good because he has been more effective than he has ever been in the past.

It is very important for him to make sure that he is using this offensive line to be as effective as he can be while there is still a window for success. The Titans have to have someone who can get them into the end zone, and they have found that person. The Titans have weapons, and they have enough weapons to compete with a very good defense in Seattle.

What about Seattle?

Seattle has to fix this or they will end up with a mediocre record at the end of the year. The team will not be able to score as long as they do not fix these problems, and they will remain this mediocre until they decide to make a change. They need to go out and draft a bunch of new linemen, and they need to fix it right now. They are about to be schooled by the Titans, and it will be embarrassing.