The New York giants are falling apart at the seams as their offense cannot score, their defense cannot stay on the field forever, and their coach seems to be inept. Players who come to play the Giants want the fans to turn on the team because that makes the team feel dejected. The Fan Base can get very upset and angry about how bad their team is, and the fans might be losing faith in the Giants already. The Giants are asking their fans to hold out hope for improvement, but this writer thinks the season is already over.

Fans will boo in New York

Fans of certain teams around professional sports are very dedicated to cheering for their team no matter how bad they are.

These fan bases tend to have unreasonable expectations, and they tend to be a little bit too cheery when they imagine the prospects for their team. New York fans will assume their team is going to go 2-14, fall apart completely, and ruin the value of their season tickets. Fans in New York will boo, and they will make it very hard for their team to improve.

The Giants are already falling apart

The Giants were falling apart before the fans started booing, and the locker room will probably fall apart when the team has to listen to constant booing. The defense will wonder what else they can do if the offense cannot score, and the team could start to stare at Eric Flowers and wonder how he is even on the roster.

There are guys on the team who could take Flowers' play as a personal insult. Players who get upset about the way Flowers plays will get even angrier when the fans boo, and the cycle of disgust becomes very toxic.

They look hopeless

The Giants look absolutely hopeless as they are presently constructed, and it appears that they are not able to get out of their own heads.

The players are probably mad at a lot of things that have gone wrong, and their coach believes that he knows better than everyone else. Jerry Reese is in danger of getting fired as the GM, and that would be a terrible thing because this club has not fired a GM since the 1970's. The owners have come out and said that they were afraid season ticket holders would be mad if Colin Kaepernick was on the roster, and the team might not even win five games.

This is as low as you can possibly go, and there are two major talk radio stations discussing how bad the Giants are every day. The Giants might even be worse than the hapless Jets, and that should send Giants fans into a panic. They have nothing to hold on to.