There are a number of reasons that the Bills and Jets will give us a terrible game. Both teams are devoid of significant talent. Both teams have weak offenses, and both teams may be searching for a new quarterback. Buffalo and the Jets are not places that people want to play, and both of these teams will have to grow through the draft. They must grow during the season through a series of hopeful moves, but the Bills have a good defense. If Buffalo leaves the game against the Jets with a good defensive showing, they have hope for the future as they try to find a way to work with Tyrod Taylor or move on.

Choose which you one you like

The Bills must decide if they want to keep Tyrod Taylor or move on. They have not committed much money to him, and they are not looking at an offense that will score much this season. They will lean on their defense to help them get through games, and they may choose to move on at the end of the season. There is more than one player coming up in the next draft that could be worth the pick at quarterback, and the Bills may choose one of those guys instead of keeping Taylor.

How does the defense look?

The defense is good enough to get the Bills to about 6-10, but they are not able to score on behalf of the offense. The defense will prevent the Bills from getting embarrassed most weekends, but they cannot make the team a great offensive threat.

If other teams do not respect the Buffalo offense, the Bills will not score all that much. The Bills must spend the whole season trying to figure out if Taylor and Sean McDermott can create something magical, and they may choose to keep Taylor and draft pieces around him.

The Jets need to play Petty

The Jets must, at some point, play Bryce Petty so that everyone can see what he is capable of.

Bryce Petty is a good player who is capable of creating offense, but we do not know if he is good enough to start in the NFL every week. It would be nice to find this out even if the Bills defense is very good. Someone needs to represent the hope for the future in New York, or the Jets must determine that they are so devoid of talent that they cannot catch up.

They have many choices to make, and those choices must begin at the quarterback spot.

The Bills should improve

We will see improvement from the Bills, but we must see steady progress that shows they do not have to blow up their entire roster. A team like this cannot afford to rebuild again after they have gotten rid of so many pieces, and a good defense would be a nice start.