Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller are done for the season for the Crimson Tide, and that will not stop this team one bit. We often forget how deep this team is, and there is no reason to think that they will miss a beat. These players were great for Alabama, but they have three or four people behind them who can take their place. The process at Alabama is not stopped by injuries most of the time because they have so much depth. How do they move on to the next person?

The process has a plan for everything

There was once a story about how Bill Belichick actually created the process.

Saban was his assistant with the Browns, and that is when he got the job at Michigan State. Belichick took a folder off the wall, opened it, and followed the plan. They hired a secretary to take Saban's Michigan State calls, and he had the back half of the day to work on that before he left for East Lansing. That is all. They just followed the plan. Every kid at Alabama is aware that they will step in and do the exact same things they were doing before. There is literally no change in the process, and that is why it works. They always stay the course.

The Crimson Tide have pro talent

The guys who were waiting behind Miller and Lewis are pro talents, and they are willing to wait their turn because they know that Alabama gives them the best chance to succeed.

They are willing to wait as long as it takes because it only takes a couple good games to get paid in the NFL. Saban has a plan in place that the kids believe in, and they will play extremely well because they were already aware of what their job was before these guys got hurt.

Alabama has expectations

Everyone expects Alabama to get back to the CFP, and they cannot do that unless they replace these guys and get to work.

Each of the guys on the line will help them get ready for their next game, and we will stop talking about it in a week when they play just as well as the guys that were in front of them. It is that simple, and it is very hard to imagine a scenario in which these players will not play well. They will play well just because they were trained to do that job long before they are expected to do it.

They will have their eyes on the same prize, and the team will look unified as always.

It is hard to not feel bad for Lewis and Miller because they have likely lost their jobs to injury. The next man up will do what they were supposed to do, and they will do it just as well as the incumbent starters would have done it.