Who was the only team in the Big 12 last year without a defensive touchdown? Texas. They fired Charlie Strong because they thought the defense was underperforming, and they were right. They actually made the right choice in doing so, and they hired an offensive coach hoping they could outscore their opponents. The problem with that is obvious. If cannot score on defense, you never ever get your offense any help. You simply leave them to do all the work.

Texas is better than this

They are better than this, right? There was a time when Texas football was a religion.

It still is considering how many high schools get press in the state every Friday. However, the University of Texas has been floundering since Mack Brown retired. They are floundering because everyone else figured out how to recruit Texas. You do not go into a kids house and tell him, "son, you're playing football at Texas." You do not do that anymore. These guys can go anywhere they want, and they have too many choices to think they have to go to Texas.

Texas has too many rivals

Everyone hates Texas right now. I can feel people laughing as they struggle with Maryland which is pathetic by Texas standards. There was a time when this game would have ended 70-7. You remember that time, do you not?

Do you remember when Texas only bothered to even actually try against worthy opponents like Arkansas and Oklahoma? I remember. They have been so good for so long that it is hard for me to see them like this. That game should have been over in the first quarter. Instead, they are messing around with Maryland.

Tom Herman cannot fix it all

Tom Herman cannot fix the recruiting problem the school has. He cannot make kids want to come to Texas, and he cannot convince other coaches to stop recruiting Teas. Every other school in the country is working Texas so hard that it is hard for Herman to have a way to recruit guys fro himself own state.

There was a time when most guys from Texas went to UT. Today, you find Indus from Texas at every major college. We automatically assume five star passers come from Texas, and we are not shocked when great players on both sides of the ball just happen to be from Texas.

UT needs time

I think UT needs some time to work through its anger. They are still upset about being terrible right now, and it makes them try to hard. I prefer the gentle approach from someone like Vince Young who made it look all too easy. Come on back, Texas.