The Warming Debate isn't working. The reasons are myriad. But certain things stand out like leading signs. There always is a passion to rebuild. Recovery is always the keyword. If thinking takes place in a box, warming thought is packaged many times over. Perhaps our epitaph will be, we were warned.

Instead of arguing who has the science right, we might best argue from experience.

For example, regardless of the cause, does the heat get worse? Are you suffocating? Do our responses suggest we are licking the problem?

Confusion reigns

To hear some talk, Harvey is a wonderful experience, a record breaker, tremendous.

Should we be glad that the alphabet has 26 letters and what goes around comes around? Irma and who's next?

What if I said that our entire concept of living requires a redo? What if I said we should give up building on coasts? Should we stop rebuilding our homes in cyclone corridors? Should we erect a huge population center on a major fault?

Very soon, you will see that even though there is a downside to what we do we have already bought the risk. We accept the odds.

It's a money thing

When it's not worth it anymore, we will wise up. Therefore all the debate over warming is not about how dumb we are not to see it.

It boils down to Dollars And Cents. And emotions. We will stop provoking mudslides, letting hurricanes defeat us. We will cease giving in to what we falsely call nature as though we were separate from it, We will do what the environmentalists want and think outside the box.

If this is the case

Dollars and cents will tell us that cars are bad for us.

Dollars and cents will say that coastal building is dumb. Dollars and cents will prove to Elon Musk that it is not smart to think of tunneling America beginning with toying with the San Andreas Fault. If we have learned anything it is that money has a voice. The way to get money out of anything is to redirect it where it will make sense,

We only wake up when we have to

The climate change argument is a side issue.

Follow the money and you see that cars and oil are winning at the moment. At some point, they won't. That is what Tillerson was trying to figure out when he went anonymous as the head of GM. When risk outweighs toughing it out we will experience what we call systemic change.

Meanwhile, we are welcome to cry shame on people who are blind to what is happening. They are not blind, they are just not ready to bite the bullet. Things always happen for a reason. At some point, we will be more reasonable.