Jose, Irma’s slightly younger brother, is following in the path of his older, slightly larger sister. Those attempting to recover from the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma are dreading any category of hurricane. They have already had enough.

Barbuda, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands not ready for Jose

The Island of Barbuda was left “upwards of 90%” uninhabitable, according to Charles Fernandez, the minister of foreign affairs and international trade for Antigua and Barbuda. Millions have been left without power throughout the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Jose is already a Category 4 hurricane and it is following almost exactly the same path as his larger sister. The problem is going to be, no matter what category hurricane Jose is, that most of those people in the Caribbean Islands have already been slammed too hard by Irma.

Those in the Caribbean hurt most by Hurricane Irma now have no meaningful shelter, no fuel, and in most cases, no food. They have limited to no emergency services, and a hospital and prison with no roof. No one can know for sure that another Hurricane is even survivable there.

Those in the entire state of Florida that are remaining fail, it seems, to recognize that they too are going to receive the full force of Hurricane Irma.

That disaster is soon to be followed by Jose. Miami is practically floode with the rise in sea level.

Those in Florida who resist Irma were warned. Climate change is real.

No matter the size of Jose, those in Florida who valiantly, and/or stupidly resist Hurricane Irma, though they may survive her, are not as likely to survive the one two punch of Hurricane Jose.

Jose has just been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane and does not look to be weakening a bit.

There are those still in Florida that are stuck, simply because they could not afford gas, had no car, were homeless, or they are remaining to render emergency services for those unable to evacuate or who stubbornly resist Irma. These people I feel concerned for.

However, those people that chose to remain because you think you are tough or that your god is going to save you, I only pity you.

I imagine the terrible trouble you are sure to cause so many who will be trying to clean up the mess and have to locate you or your lifeless body to render emergency services. Shame on you folks! You had ample warning.

Climate change is real and it has been knocking on your door for a while now. Yet again though, you people chose to ignore it. Now, not only might you deserve what is about to befall you but you are endangering others in the process. My thoughts and my heart goes out to all of those that remain to help others and/or those that have no alternative.