The new orleans Saints take on the Carolina Panthers this week, and there are pundits at ESPN and other outlets who believe that the Saints can beat Carolina. The Saints have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but they also have a running game that is in disarray, a terrible defense, and it does not appear that Adrian Peterson gets along with Sean Payton. The Saints are simply not in very good position to beat the Panthers, and they will fall very far behind in their division with this loss. Is this situation repairable in any way?

Adrian Peterson

Something is wrong in New Orleans. Payton should not have allowed the Saints to sign Peterson, and Payton is not using Peterson properly in the offensive scheme. The Saints are not a running team, and Adrian Peterson could become a cancer in the locker room if continues to be unhappy.

The defense

The defense is terrible, but it has been terrible for a long time. The Saints are guilty of assuming that their offense would carry them through each season. They have been consistently wrong, and this particular problem could ruin the offense. An offense that does not get on the field cannot score.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is an amazing player, but he is not able to pass to himself, throw to inferior talent, or make people get open.

The offense in New Orleans has the wrong people on the field at all times, and the offensive line is not very good. Brees will be asked to do everything by himself, but he simply is not capable of doing that. Drew Brees is a much better player than everyone around him, but he has not elevated the play of the people on the offense.

Sean Payton looks like he is expecting the team to perform like it is 2009 all over again, but the talent on the roster is completely different.

What if they leave?

It is entirely possible that the Saints could lose Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Brees makes a lot of money, and he is draining the pool of money that can be used for other people on the roster.

Sean Payton might have worn out his welcome in New Orleans, and he could move on to a new team next season. Brees might go with him, and another team in the league would have a hall of fame combination for a couple years. The Saints might want to trade Brees so that they can get value in return. The team can rebuild, and Payton can feel free to leave at the end of the season.

The New Orleans Saints have every chance to succeed if they are willing to make drastic moves. Potentially trading Drew Brees is more important than beating the Panthers right now.