The Los Angeles Chargers did not start very well against the Denver Broncos, and they gave away a game that they may have had a chance of winning. Their team seems to have sunk as low as it can possibly go, and it may be time for them to consider how they can rebuild. There are a few options that this team can use to rebuild, and they must be certain that they have made the right choices going forward. If they stay in the dumps for too long, and they may not come back out for a very long time.

Trade Philip Rivers

You trade Philip Rivers because you want to get something back for him that you can use to rebuild your team.

You will find that the people who want to keep Philip Rivers think that the team can turn this around, but that is simply not the case. This team is not going to improve because they have not shown that they know how to improve. They have wasted many good years with Philip Rivers, and they have shown that they would be better off with someone who is younger and fresher.

Trade Antonio Gates

A team in the NFL would be happy to see the Chargers trade Antonio Gates because he could be the piece that puts a team over the top and lets them compete. The Giants could really use Antonio Gates, or he could go to the Raiders where he would be amazing. Imagine Gates playing opposite Travis Kelce in Kansas City, or think of what could be done if he went to Tennessee.

The Chargers would get a lot back for him, and they could continue to build their roster with young pieces and draft picks.

Sell the team

This writer has no idea how people become compelled to sell franchises in the NFL, but if someone can convince the Spanos family to sell this team, they should do it. Whoever has to go in there and tell these people that they are doing the NFL a disservice should go right now and let the Spanos clan know that they are a laughingstock in the NFL.

We should not be aware of the names of the owners of every team. Certain guys have a high profile, but the Spanos family is known because they are very bad at what they do. They are like that kid in your school that everyone knows because the teachers are constantly having to yell that kid's name all day. The Chargers fan base deserves better, and it would be nice to see someone who cares buy the team.

Younger is faster

This young team will be much faster overall if they are willing to do nothing but add pieces to their offense and defense. They have a lot of talent coming up in the next draft they should try.