The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Hillary Clinton is considering questioning the integrity of the election in which she lost the presidency for the second time. She also admitted that even if she decided that machinations from the Russians denied her the Oval Office, not a lot of options are available to overturn the results and, in effect, replace President Trump in the middle of his first term. Nevertheless, Ms. Clinton seems to be spiraling down into the fever swamps of conspiracy theories.

How Hillary Clinton thinks the election was stolen from her

Clinton mentioned that a data analytics company owned by the Mercer family became involved in the Trump campaign after his nomination. Cambridge Analytica participated in the Brexit campaign and the recent elections in Kenya that were recently overturned. What that had to do with the Mercer operation or the outcome of the American election is unclear. Clinton hinted darkly that Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, both Trump aides, were also Mercer protégés. How all of these threads tie into Russia, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, and everyone else that Clinton blames for her defeat are uncertain.

Once upon a time questioning the results of an election was unpatriotic

About a year ago, when the 2016 general campaign was going on, Donald Trump started hinting that he might not accept the results of the election if it went against him and he thought shenanigans had gone on. Clinton jumped on those musings with both feet, declaring that anyone who lost an election and questioned the results would be unpatriotic,

Of course, history went a little differently than many people had expected that it would.

Contrary to the expectations of many people, Donald Trump won the Electoral College votes and thus the election. The electoral college is just something else that is on Clinton’s list of resentments that she would also like to get rid of.

The bottom line

Most people who lose presidential elections have managed to keep their hurt feelings to themselves.

Richard Nixon was pretty confident that the Kennedys stole the 1960 election, but he declined to contest the results for the good of the country. Al Gore, who lost the electoral college in 2000 by a nose, has nursed resentments ever since, though he has won a certain degree of fame as a climate change crusader.

Hillary Clinton seems to be taking a different path, railing at everyone who cares to listen that she was robbed. Her behavior is going to usher out a political career that has caused aggravation but has never been dull.