One of North Korea's propaganda news agencies has threatened to attack Japan with nuclear weapons and to annihilate the United States to "ashes and darkness," according to The Huffington Post on Thursday. This latest threatening diatribe from the rogue, hostile nation was precipitated by increasing United Nations Security Council sanctions against it that both the United States and Japan support. Kim Jong-un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, is reportedly very upset over the sanctions and anxious to engage a "show of force" with his latest nuclear technology.

Earlier threats from Jong-un had caused the State of Hawaii to take precautions against an attack, especially when the despotic leader threatened to strike Guam.

Sanctions hurt

There is no doubt that economic sanctions do hurt North Korea, as they do any nation. Not only is North Korea not able to sell its products to other countries, including the United States and Japan, but the country's buying power drops severely because of drastically reduced income from the sale of its products. This scenario engenders a drastic economic downturn in the affected nation, which, in this case, is North Korea. A severe recession follows, which can lead to widespread unrest among the citizens. This problem makes it much more difficult for Kim Jong-un to maintain his political hold over the people of his country, which also threatens his tenure as the leader of the tiny, disturbed nation.

Nuclear testing ensues

And so the nuclear testing continues, bringing North Korea one step closer to becoming a major nuclear force with each nuclear test. Reactions from world leaders, including Donald Trump, are displayed on all sorts of electronic media, including Twitter. And sometimes the rhetoric becomes quite graphic, such as when Trump stated that his threat to wage a war of "fire and fury" against North Korea for performing these nuclear tests "was not tough enough," according to The Huffington Post on Thursday, August 10.

Japan no longer needed

According to the North Korean news agency, The Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (APPC), Japan is "no longer needed." The news agency, which is centered in Pyongyang, North Korea's largest city, called for the complete dismantling of the UN Security Council. The APPC described the UN Security Council as a "tool of evil," comprised of "money-bribed" countries that follow the directives of the United States.

The APPC stated that the "four islands of the archipelago, including Japan, "should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche," which is the official political ideology of North Korea, according to The Huffington Post on Thursday.

A challenge for Trump

This ever-growing political and military nightmare among the three nations of North Korea, Japan, and the United States is not going to go away anytime soon. And it is an increasingly challenging "baptism by fire" for the political neophyte Donald Trump. The President will have to be on his toes every second because when it comes to both diplomacy and war, there are no second chances.