The Oakland Raiders took a bad loss last week against the Washington Redskins in DC. It was Week 3 and it put the Raiders in a 2-1. For Week 4, the Silver And Black play the Denver Broncos in Colorado. Despite the Broncos being a tough opponent this season, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr feels confident that his team will prevail.

On Sunday Night Football, the Raiders lost 27-10 against the Redskins. After the victory over the Silver and Black, the Redskins have gained more respect. As for the Raiders, it was considered a bit of an embarrassing loss, since it was such a one-sided game.

The Raiders were also favored in this game, making the outcome even worse.

In any case, Carr feels that the Raiders will bounce back like they have the last year and a half after a loss. Before that, the Raiders always had some kind of a losing streak. Lately, in the last two seasons, the Raiders have been able to bounce back.

Why the Raiders lost to the Redskins

There were three major factors that caused the Oakland Raiders to lose against the Washington last weekend. One was the fact that Carr was not mentally in the game. He completed 19-of-31 passes and totaled only 118 yards. He was also picked twice, in which one interception led to a drive for a touchdown by the Redskins. Oh yes, he also had one touchdown and was sacked four times.

Wide receiver Amari Cooper was also mentally absent in the game. After dropping five balls in the first two weeks of the season, Cooper only caught one pass for six yards against the Redskins. Cooper has claimed that he will be catching against the Broncos on Sunday for Week 4 of the NFL season.

The running game by Marshawn Lynch was also bad.

Lynch was held to 32 yards with no touchdowns against the Redskins. Lynch was completely shut down by the Redskins in Week 3.

Confidence regained

Derek Carr knew that it was his two picks against the Washington Redskins that put the Raiders in a hole. The Silver and Black never bounced back after a disastrous first half last weekend in DC.

Carr feels very differently about the Broncos for Week 4 and has made it clear that the Raiders will bounce back.

The Oakland Raiders have been good at bouncing back after a loss for the last two seasons really. The last time they had a losing streak was back in November of the 2015 season. That losing streak went to three in a row, and the losses were sustained against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Detroit Lions.