Carmelo Anthony has moved to the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC), according to NBC Sports. The Thunder have boosted their roster with the 10-time NBA All-Star as they attempt to improve in the upcoming season. Anthony has played most of his career as a small forward for the New York Knicks. The 33-year-old was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 2003 and played there until he moved to the Knicks in 2011. He recently moved to the OKC Thunder where he was surrounded by questions about where he would be playing. Coach Billy Donovan recently revealed the news that Anthony would be the starting power forward.

How will Anthony adapt?

Anyone who follows basketball or Carmelo Anthony knows that the three-time Olympic Champion is more suited to the role of being a power forward. He plays that role for the national team and has been grossly successful. With the addition of Paul George who is the fixed small forward for the Thunder, the implications for Anthony suggested that he would either be a rotation/bench player or welcome the chance to play his more prolific role. Which one do you think he chose?

"I have no problem playing at 4. I actually like that, I actually, embrace that. And for this team, I think that will be better," Anthony said to ESPN, according to writer Royce Young. Anthony went on to explain that times are changing and that forward positioning is not that strict anymore.

He would be expected to use his size and experience to bring versatility to the team.

OKC’s chances in the competition

With confirmation that Anthony would be starting, we can now make a more informed assumption and analysis of the team for the upcoming campaign. Anthony is expected to limber up alongside Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Andre Roberson, and Steven Adams.

Westbrook is in some hot form and there is no reason why the 2016-17 NBA MVP cannot continue in the same vein going into the upcoming season. Paul George and Anthony should mesh well and compliment Westbrook's efforts whilst Adams and the versatile guard, Roberson is expected to link well with Anthony and the lot as well. The roster is definitely stronger than it was last season and we expect some big games from the Thunder next season.

Whilst much of the spotlight is on Westbrook as he is coming off of a fiery season with a triple-double average, the addition of Paul and Anthony means that he has a bit more support and this is undoubtedly something that he would welcome with open arms. He may have to share the ball a bit more, but he would be confident that he is passing to quality players who can get buckets consistently. His passing game can be showcased a bit more in the next campaign.