Dak Prescott is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and he is solidly entrenched in the most prestigious position in all of professional sports. Shortstop for the Yankees, quarterback for the Cowboys, and star for the Los Angeles Lakers are all jobs we would all love to have. Dak has taken over this job after an amazing rookie season, and he is making a small amount of money as compared to most quarterbacks in the league. A funny meter published by ESPN shows how long it takes quarterbacks in the league to make the money that will Dak will make this season.

He is outperfomring his contract, but he is a fixture in the Dallas area as shown by how he makes money off the field.

They will pay him early

Dak will get paid before his current contract is up, but he will not get paid the obscene amounts of money that some quarterbacks in the league are making. The Cowboys should be smart enough to look around the league, learn from what has happened with guys like Kirk Cousins, and pay Prescott more money without overpaying. They will get a bargain for a very good quarterback, and he will still make millions off the field that help him live comfortably.

Dallas loves him

Dallas loves Dak Prescott so much that he is able to make money off the field that far exceeds the money he makes from the Cowboys.

He has created a life for himself that makes him a part of the greater DFW community. He is a darling in Dallas that people fall in love with much the same way they fell in love with Tony Romo, and the citizens of Dallas will continue to support him so long as he is playing well. He has the personality and leadership qualities that make him popular in Dallas, and Dak has found a place to call home that makes his career more fruitful.

Can he improve?

There is no doubt that Dak can improve this season, and he has been lauded as someone with the work ethic needed to get much better. Dallas requires a quarterback who can do everything, and Jason Garrett will ask Dak to do more this year than he did before. He will continue to take on more responsibility because he must grow into his role as the team leader.

He is clearly surpassed in ability today by other players on his team at the present time, but he will be much better than these players in a couple years when he has been groomed properly by the Cowboys staff.

Dak Prescott has done an amazing job becoming the the quarterback that the Cowboys need, and he will prove to them he deserves a new deal.