This story is about a small town, in Bryan County, Oklahoma, with a population of about 1,140. Colbert is a town without a Chief of Police. It is not that they have not tried. They have had three police chiefs already this year. They apparently just can’t get it right. But we’re only here to discuss one Police Chief in particular; Bart Alsbrook.

What do Blood & Honor, NS88, and Nazi’s have in common? Bart Alsbrook

Bart Alsbrook is a reserve police officer for Colbert, Oklahoma. For a moment he was police chief there. He just could not shake his Nazi past.

On their comprehensive list of active hate groups in the United States, the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) made sure to direct our attention to a website called ISD Records. A racist website based in Denison, Texas where former acting police chief Bart Alsbrook hails from. According to his Facebook page, he still lives there.

When asked about his Nazi Connections, Alsbrook lied, stating that he had been in a fight at a concert in 1990 when some ‘skinheads’ stole his wallet. However, he was called out once more by the SPLC for being the Texas coordinator of a group called Blood & Honor and the man behind a site called County records obtained by KXII News have Bart Alsbrook listed as the owner of that website.

Donald Trump, the preferred President of Neo-Nazi’s

It is worth noting, but to the readers, probably not surprising, that Oklahoma voted 63.3% for Donald Trump. A large portion of Trump voters, and/or diehard supporters, appear to be of this racist ilk. It’s clear to me that Trump is the preferred President of Neo-Nazis. And it seems that, at least in Colbert, Oklahoma the same kind of people are trying to work in positions of authority.

The town council in Colbert, Oklahoma elected to retain Bart Alsbrook as Police Chief despite nasty rumors about his dealings with white supremacists over the years. This is after they fired a very effective police chief in Frank Burrola for something as mundane as “not clocking in while on call.” He policed the town for over 6 months alone without any assistance.

There is something else to take note of here, Frank Burrola is not white.

In April of this year, according to KXII News people of Colbert Oklahoma presented a petition to oust three city council members, citing one of the reasons as the firing of Police Chief Frank Burrola. Those same city council members could very well be the ones who attempted to retain Alsbrook despite his Nazi affiliation. Is there a connection? I don’t know, but I’ll be watching and writing, and we’ll just see what we’ll see.