Julio Jones is a surefire fantasy favorite for this week, but he is not the only person who can be amazing in the first week of the season. Tom Brady has been left out of the equation because he plays Thursday night, but there are many other players who could factor into the fantasy sports explosion that will take place once the season begins. Julio Jones catches passes from Matt Ryan, and he has a running back in Devonta Freeman who could be brilliant. Who is the best candidate to be amazing in week one?

Fantasy sports requires value

Julio Jones provides value to fantasy sports players because he will be targeted many times during the first game for the Falcons against the Bears.

The Bears have a bad defense that will not be up to the task of defending Jones, and he should be ready to have an amazing opening game. Matt Ryan should perform equally well because he has other weapons to pass to, and he will hand off to Devonta Freeman who is the well-paid feature back in Atlanta.

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers will rely heavily on Aaron Rodgers to help them score, and he will create fantasy value because he is touching the ball on every possession. The Packers are not awash in weapons which will make the team frightening, but Aaron Rodgers makes the Packers scary to defend. Look for Rodgers to play extremely well so that he can set the tone for his team for the rest of the season.

Odell Beckham Jr

odell beckham jr is a fine receiver who will prove to be the best target for Eli Manning. Manning may need to rely on Beckham for most of the first game assuming that Beckham plays. Someone who has a bench may need to put Beckham on the bench for their fantasy team if it turns out that he will not play on Sunday.

Beckham is a brilliant player, and he should be inserted into any lineup the second that he is healthy and active.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans could be the most surprising player in the whole of the NFL this season. He is on an improving Tampa team that could target him over and over during their first game. As a feature receiver, he will produce quite a lot of fantasy value, and he will continue to produce barring injury.

The Bucs are on a mission to be competitive in their division, and this team will remain competitive so long as Mike Evans makes fantasy owners competitive.

Play carefully

The NFL fluctuates quite a lot because of injuries, the mentality of every player, and how a team is performing. Play with care this week because everything may change by next week.