Yesterday we reported that one of the rogues’ gallery whom Hillary Clinton points the accusing finger of blame for her defeat in the 2016 presidential election was her main rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont. According to the Hill Newspaper, Sanders had a caustic response to the twice failed Presidential Candidate. Get over it.

Sanders is moving forward, not backward

Sanders, ever the tart tongued curmudgeon, stated, “My response is that right now it’s appropriate to look forward and not backward.” In other words, the 75-year-old socialist from Vermont is the future.

The 69-year-old corporatist liberal is the past. The hit must have stung keenly for Clinton, who had set great store on being the first female president of the United States.

And what is the future that Bernie Sanders proposes? A 15 dollar an hour minimum wage (also known as the full employment bill for robots), passing DACA, and the oldy but goody, Medicaid for all. It’s a bleak future that Sanders proposes, filled with unemployed, unskilled workers, many of them recent illegal immigrants, and mediocre health care with rationing and death panels. Clinton wants all of these things too (or at least she wants her dwindling group of supporters to think she does.) Sanders is saying that Clinton will not be the one to lead American to the progressive promised land.

That role is reserved for Bernie Sanders, the millionaire collectivist who in the world that is equal, is more equal than most.

Will Hillary Clinton take revenge?

In times past, when one crossed the Clintons, bad things tended to happen. No doubt Hillary Clinton imagines, in her darkest reveries, Bernie Sanders coming to grief.

His involvement in his wife’s role in bring down a liberal arts college in Burlington may or may not be the instrument of his ultimate destruction. Clinton has best not count on it.

The problem is that the power of the Clintons to get their enemies have somewhat diminished since the election. Hillary Clinton as president would have wielded lots of power to reward friends and punish opponents.

However, she did not get elected, and therefore the hopes of big money people and the politically connected to ride to more wealth and power on the Clinton coattails has become diminished.

Sanders may be thinking of having another go at the presidency in 2020, a remarkable thing for a man his age. Clinton could help to deny him this opportunity by throwing her support to another Democrat, says Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California. If Hillary Clinton cannot become the queen, at least she can become the queen maker and, in the process, humble Bernie Sanders into the dust a second time.